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Deerhunter Stealth Ringtones

Deerhunter Stealth Ringtones

It is important to have a cell phone while hunting in case of emergencies, but nothing is more frustrating than drawing on a big buck only to have it spooked by your cell phone. Even on vibrate, a cell phone can produce sounds that not only alert deer, but frighten them.

To solve this problem, we have designed the Deerhunter Stealth Ringtones that can be easily heard by humans, but not by whitetail deer. These ringtones have the following features:

1. Easily audible to humans, even those with high-frequency hearing loss

2. Not audible to deer when played at proper levels

3. Do not frighten deer should they be accidently played too loud

4. Optimized to work with all cell phone ringers

Although we have three ringtones, we recommend our Deerhunter Stealth Ringtone #1; the other two ringtones are only necessary if you need more than one.

Instructions: Simply set your cell phone ringer to play the lowest level you can easily hear (you can also place your cell phone in your shirt pocket, close to your ears). Now you can hear your cell phone ring, but a deer cannot, even if it is standing next to you.

Availability: The Deerhunter Stealth Ringtones are available through Myxer. Click on:

    Deerhunter Steath Ringtone #1

    Deerhunter Stealth Ringtone #2U

    Deerhunter Stealth Ringtone #3D










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