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Whitetail Deer Research, LLC is an independent research company that studies the hearing abilities of whitetail deer and other animals. Our audiogram for the whitetail deer, published by the Acoustical Society of America, is the industry standard (click here).


We offer manufacturers the service of testing their products on whitetail deer. Examples of this service include:
1. determine the quietness of hunting equipment (bows, clothing) to deer

   2. determine the range and effectiveness of deer calls and deer repellers
   3. design sounds for deer hunting, e.g., Deerhunter Stealth Ringtones

In addition to laboratory testing, we maintain field stations that enable us to examine the reactions of wild whitetail deer to sounds in their natural habitat.


Although we specialize in testing deer, we have the capability to test birds, such as turkey and water fowl, as well as other species of mammals.

For more information, contact Henry E. Heffner, hheff@adelphia.net

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